Travel and Leisure

Personalised itineraries; Celebrity hideaways, Exotic locations; Selected villas, Chalets, Private islands, Exclusive private Properties; Yacht chartering and acquisitions, Private jets, Helicopters

Event Planning and Management

Bespoke parties, Wedding planning, Security, International performance Artists and entertainers; Michelin Star chefs, Gift Services

Private Family Office Outsourcing

Working closely with multi and single family offices to enhance their lifestyle services

Household and Property Management

Relocation, Purchasing and selling negotiations, Home design, Domestic staff management, Chefs, Child care, Pet Care; Security and technology; School admissions.
Car sourcing, Collection and delivery, Alarm systems, Navigation systems, Spares / parts dealers, Valet services, Car hire, Chauffeurs

Venue and Entertainment Access

Global VIP events, Film festivals, Premiere openings, Couture happenings; Society A-List events, Charity functions, VIP hospitality, Product launches, Concerts, Sporting events

Health Beauty and Medical

Top international stylists, Hair care experts; Beauty therapists, bespoke perfumes, Health specialists, Holistic medicine practitioners, Personal trainers, Sports psychologists

Personal Shopping and Luxury Procurement

Haute couture, Fashion expert consultations, bespoke clothing, Personal stylists, Bespoke Jewellery, Rare wines, Modern and fine art; Valuations and auction representation

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